The handling of combustible and explosive media poses a high risk for humans, plants and the environment. In order to avoid accidents, special requirements are in force on all systems, machines and every product used in explosive environments.

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The ingression of an explosive atmosphere into a housing with potential sources of ignition is prevented for example with the so-called type of protection “encapsulation”.

With the “intrinsic safety” type, the protection against explosions is achieved by avoiding conditions, which can lead to the ignition of an explosive atmosphere. In this case, the electrical energy is limited to a defined value so that ignition cannot take place by sparking or heat.

Our sales engineers support you competently to select, out of our product range, the ideal solution and point out possible risks already in advance. In addition, we have an extensive range of flowmeters and flow monitors for effective explosion protection.

In addition, our comprehensive documentation and certificates gives you more confidence for the safe operation of our flowmeters in your machines and systems.

Case 01: Monitoring of Agitators in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry agitators provide uniform mixing of substances. The sealing of the passage points of housings and vessels to the rotating shafts is realized using mechanical slide seal rings. To monitor these seals flow monitors are used, which must meet very specific requirements.

Depending on the blocking medium used, ATEX certified explosion-proof switch contacts are often required. In addition, the materials of the device must be aligned with the barrier medium used and the operating conditions. In addition to brass and stainless steel, special materials such as Hastelloy and Monel are also available.

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Case 02: Monitoring of Cooling Circuits with Flow Monitors during the Vacuum Distillation of Solvents

Large quantities of solvents are used for the cleaning of the photopolymer plates. Subject to the degree of contamination, the solvent must be purified by vacuum distillation. Flow monitors, which directly monitor the flow in the cooling circuit of the distillation plant ensure the safety of the condensation process. The flow monitors used consist of explosion-proof contacts and are ATEX certified in order to operate in a solvent-containing atmosphere.

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