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Networked thinking is the basis for quality and a core value of any business enterprise. For us, this means combining the complex interrelationships between performance delivery and joint cooperation between our employees and the customer. People work for people – the potential of each individual is a positive factor leading to greater advantage. Meister Strömungstechnik is manufacturing company and service provider in one. It is our commitment to ensure that all goods and services provided meet the standards that have been assured. Together with the customer, we analyze the individual requirements and view ourselves as partner, whose personal influence will optimize performance. Customer needs are met quickly and reliably in our modern CNC production facility.
Additionally, innovative new designs and product improvements form the basis for continued customer satisfaction. Our employees are the motor of our company. Their motivation and willingness to work closely with the customer and their skill are indispensable in attaining the formulated objective. Goals and requirements change however, and so it is a matter of course that, aside from continuous professional development, we also invest time in the furtherance of personal initiative and personal responsibility. In this manner, we have established a dedicated company structure, which is ready today to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

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Our integrated business approach, which is focused on quality, is driven by our commitment to our customers and our products. To ensure adherence to our commitment requires comprehensive quality management, which affects the majority of departments within the company. Generally speaking, this encompasses all activities that contribute to fulfilling customer requirements and further development within the company. It is the linking of all sub-processes that is the underlying principle of quality for which we, as a company, stand.
Our quality management is based on the fundamental idea that every employee is fully itegrated into the operation and development of the company. Optimizing operation sequences to permanently improve quality is therefore a matter of course. Motivation and commitment contribute to good workplace relations, in that every employee is aware of his responsibilities and his contribution to the sustainable success of the company. If you’re good, you can become even better. This straightforward thought has become a maxim at Meister Strömungstechnik.